Dimensions: 14" x 11" x 8"; Weight 1 lb.; Price: $49.95.

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Anyone who owns a cat knows there is a real need for a way to medicate the cat or other small animal at home and save a trip to the vet to have the pet medicated. Pet owners know how difficult it is to get cats or other small animals to stay still long enough to give vital shots or give medicine orally. Stubborn cats often struggle to get away, sometimes scratching and injuring the owner. The Kitty MedicTM Box is the perfect solution to make the process easy and safe for both pet owner and animal. This cat bag is the perfect solution for clipping nails, checking temperature, or giving shots without taking the animal out of the box.

The Kitty MedicTM Box is a compact, lightweight 14" x 11" x 8" canvas case that keeps the animal safe and secure while administering medications. It features a special panel on the side for giving the cat shots, and oral medications can be safely given while the cat's head remains in place through the opening. To use, simply place the cat inside the kitty bag. Make sure that the cat's head is through the opening. Then adjust the clamp so that the cat can't get out. Because the cat can't move around much, it stays calm and comfortable inside. If you need to give a shot or IV fluids or take its temperature, open the side panel and administer the shots quickly and easily without the cat seeing the needle. If you need to give oral medications, approach the cat from the front and open its mouth to give drops or other medications.

The box also works great for other small pets such as Chihuahua dogs and can be custom developed in a variety of sizes for other animals. For bigger dogs, it can have wheels. And, it doubles as the perfect carrier to take the pet to the veterinarian's office. Simply allow the animal to pull its head inside the carrier, and it can comfortably sit inside for the ride. 

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Kitty Medic Box